Telescopic belt conveyor


Telescopic belt conveyor for truck loading unloading refers to a conveyor whose body is equipped with a storage belt device, which can adjust its length according to the change of working face position. The telescopic belt conveyor can be divided into two telescopic sections and three telescopic sections, with operation buttons on the top. You can adjust the button according to your own requirements to control the length of the conveyor at any time.


The telescopic conveyor has high production efficiency and capacity saving. Its economic benefit is more than ten times that of manual bag transportation and loading, and reduces the loading and unloading cost. It is widely used in storage, pharmaceutical industry, food, logistics and other fields.


Types of telescopic belt conveyor

Mobile telescopic belt conveyor

Fix telescopic belt conveyor


Conveyor type Telescopic belt conveyor
Model TBC2S-6/4 TBC3S-6/8 TBC4S-6/12 TBC5S-6/14
Retracted 6000mm 6000mm 6000mm 6000mm
Extension 4000mm 8000mm 12000mm 14000mm
Total 10000mm 14000mm 18000mm 20000mm
Height 750mm 800mm 900mm 1100mm
Belt Width Default:800mm(600mm and 1000 optional)
Belt direction Reversible
Tlting 0 – +4 adjustable by hydraulic
Capacity Max 60KG/Meter
Belt speed 0 – 36 Minute(adjustable)

Standard configuration

  • Head
  • belt storage device
  • body
  • tail
  • tape
  • tape buckle


  • Users can adjust the buttons according to their own requirements to control the length of the conveyor at any time. An automatic lifting device is installed at the bottom of the machine, and the user can also control the height of the end of the conveyor at any time.
  • Telescopic belt conveyor can also be combined with the company’s hoist, roller conveyor, fixed belt conveyor, production assembly line and other equipment to form a complete three-dimensional automatic conveyor system to complete the product from the raw material into the factory — assembly — finished product Library—the whole process of factory loading.
  • Telescopic conveyors are widely used in logistics and express delivery, ports, docks, stations, airports, warehouses, mining, post and telecommunications, electrical appliances, light industry, food, tobacco, and some group companies with large shipments to complete items Transmission, loading and unloading work
  •  Greatly improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce cargo damage rate, and shorten the loading and unloading time of vehicles, ships, and airplanes.
  • Telescopic belt conveyor is an ordinary belt conveyor with a telescopic mechanism, so that the conveyor can be freely stretched in the length direction to achieve the effect of controlling the length of the conveyor at any time.
  • The telescopic conveyor can be used alone to complete the forward and reverse conveying and loading and unloading of goods.

Optional configuration

  • Telescopic model
    • mobile telescopic belt conveyor
    • fix telescopic belt conveyor
  • Belt width
    • 600/800/1000 mm


Widely used in grain and oil, feed, fertilizer, mining, ports, power plants and many other industries.


  • Conveyor belt slipping
    • Cause: insufficient friction between drum and conveyor belt; The belt is too wet; Materials are adhered to the surface of the belt body; Overload operation of conveying equipment
    • Measures: adjust the tensioning device, replace or clean the foreign matters between the drum and the belt, and check whether the transported goods are overloaded
  • Conveyor belt deviation
    • Cause: the position of tensioning device and roller deviates
    • Measures: adjust the position of tensioning device and roller
  • Abnormal noise during conveyor operation
    • Cause: the reducer lacks lubricating oil, the drive shaft is not aligned or the bearing is damaged
    • Measures: adjust the chain tension and reposition the bearing seat

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