Telescopic roller conveyor manufacturers are companies specialized in the manufacturing, designing, and installing of the conveyor equipment of the belts. They can provide a variety of services including installation, maintenance, inspection, and training.

Due to the large number of telescopic rollers conveyor companies in the world, it is difficult to establish who is leading or has more expertise in this field. We have prepared a list of the leading 8 companies that provide exceptional service. These companies have proven themselves to be the best in the industry through their highly-skilled and experienced workforce, complete manufacturing process from design to installation, and their high-quality products. Their mission is to provide their clients with effective conveyor systems that will maximize productivity while keeping operating costs low.

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8 Best Telescopic Roller Conveyor Manufacturers


SpanTech is a company that involves the engineering of the manufacturing of the metals and also the applications of the fabric building. The building materials are designed for architectural services. It began more than fifty years ago with modular designs made by Jean Prouve. It is advisable to purchase the products that are already ready made4 by visiting the sites or ordering through online links.

The Pros of The Products Produced

  • The services offered are unique.
  • It integrates engineers in offering the final solutions.
  • It has various departments that are aimed at ensuring several integrations among the people.

The Cons

  • There is a level of inconsistency with the products with some clients complaining about quality.


The main aim of the telescopic roller conveyor manufacturers, NAR is to ensure quality and consistency is offered. Currently, they offer high-quality flat conveyor belts, telescopic conveyors, and climbing conveyers.

The Pros of the NAR

  • The products are excellent with a high-quality consistency when it comes to architectural designs.
  • The products offered include the solutions in logistics, transfer ports, and systems for the removal of specks of dust.

The Cons

  • The consultation services offered by the company do not provide enough information in case of an inquiry.


Spiroflow at the moment is involved in ensuring that bulk bag processing and unloader equipment are efficiently dealt with. The main aim is to ensure solutions in the systems to have the goods weighed through the bulk equipment. The automation offered in the products makes the result of the goods and output prevalent to the current society.

The Pros of Spiro Flow

  • The company has a great support system that checks in to ensure the machinery dispensed works normally.
  • The company is upfront with the spare parts and the browsing equipment is excellent at training any problem that arises.

The Cons

  • Quality in the products is not as monitored as other companies making it possible to have a compromise on the end products.


Hytrol is a telescopic roller conveyor manufacturer that has been producing the solutions used in handling since 1947, making the industry known all over the world. The operations at the moment are based on being selective to the designs desired and even, offer custom-made products.

The Pros of The Company

  • The products produced are recommended both locally and overseas due to the varsity quality and designs.
  • The durability is known with the equipment believed to be lasting a long time.
  • The company is great when it comes to customer service since the main aim noted is in the delivery time that is usually precisely depending on the time of order.

The Cons

  • The products might be of high quality at times but the factor of consistency is questionable.

5.Ammeraal Beltech

Being a belting company, it has amassed a wide range of global markets leading to an increase in sales with varied products at hand. It currently deals with conveyor belts and manufactures goods that are in line with the known brands at t6he moment. It is operating in Europe with more than ten brands and the alternative is known for the various subsidiaries in the belting world. Other places that enjoy the services with branches are in Asia and Europe, where more than twenty-five of them operate remotely.

The Pros

  • The quality is evident in the materials of the belts with metals indicating strength and resilience on the durability.
  • The products offer employment to more than 3000+ of the population in Asia, Canada, and Europe.

The Cons

  • The materials are expensive, making the final products get priced at a higher value than usual.


CBC is a great company that offers products in the biscuit conveyor company, all meant to ensure that people get the products as described. Located in Scotland, it makes it easy for anyone that wants to become acquainted with the strongest and heaviest products all meant to make work easier.

The pros

  • The end products are strong to support very heavy-duty goods across the places desired.
  • The products are durable with minimum management since they offer service for a very long time.

The cons

  • They might be a bit expensive but will offer the best service to anyone that wants to have progress in their workplace.


Wirebelt is a telescopic roller conveyor manufacturer. It offers a lot of designs for the conveyor belts to ensure that the strength and specifications of different places are catered to. The belts that are made are strong for different industries like the agricultural sectors and also the automotive ones.

The Pros

  • The products are of high quality.
  • The belts made can serve the different industries for a long time.

The con

  • It is relatively expensive to acquire the materials.


BANDO is a telescopic roller conveyor manufacturer. Bando is a company in the USA that specializes in the making of belts and ensures a person gets acquainted with the quality and affordable conveyers. It is ISO compliant and certified in the making of quality and durable products since its formation.

The Pros

  • The materials are strong and of high quality.
  • The company has a self-inspection mechanism that makes the products more durable.

The Cons

  • The quality and durability might make the products a bit expensive compared to other equipment.


There are a number of companies that operate in the conveyer belt industry. A person should consider their needs and find out what the best company is at the moment, considering factors like whether it is local or from overseas. It might be expensive to get quality products from this industry but no one wants to have weak belts since they make work very difficult. The price and quality balance should be ascertained, and it takes time before one gets the desired product.

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