Conveyor belt is an important component of conveyor. The conveyor type can be customized according to the material characteristics. However, there are always some common problems when the conveyor is running.

Through this article, you can understand the common problems with conveyors and solutions of conveyor.

Material spreading

The problem of material spraying often occurs in the process of transporting materials by conveyor belt, which will have a great impact on the assembly of materials. The following reasons are summarized for the spraying problem:

First, when the conveyor belt deviates, it will cause the scattering of transported materials; In order to avoid this situation, the operation of the conveyor belt needs to be checked regularly;

Secondly, when the radius of the concave section is small, start the conveyor belt, and the concave section take-off conveyor belt will bounce up, resulting in the scattering of materials; A belt pressing wheel is added at the concave section of the belt conveyor to prevent the conveyor belt from bouncing up

Finally, at the loading point, there will be scattering problems due to the damage of the retaining rubber skirt of the chute, so it is necessary to control the weight of the transported materials.

Conveyor belt slipping

Belt slip is a common problems with conveyors. There are several main reasons for conveyor belt slipping:

  • When the conveyor belt is in use, the tension of the conveyor belt is not enough, and the traction force is reduced, resulting in slipping.
  • When there is water on the surface of the conveyor belt, if it is not cleaned in time, the conveyor belt will slip.
  • A large number of idlers will not rotate due to the damage of idlers, the winding of sundries and the buried pressure of materials. The resistance of the damaged idlers will increase during operation, the conveyor belt will seriously deviate, and the loaded goods will cause the conveyor belt to slip due to overload.

It is essential to regularly check the use of all accessories during the operation of the conveyor. Timely replace the over used machine parts, reduce unnecessary mistakes and improve the production efficiency of the conveyor.

Conveyor belt deviation

Conveyor belt deviation is also a common issue with belt conveyor. When the machine is running, the main reasons for the deviation of the conveyor belt are as follows:

  • Improper installation of idler group;

There is a large error between the installation position of the idler group and the perpendicularity of the center line of the conveyor belt

  • Machining error of outer surface of drum

The processing error and uneven wear of the outer surface of the drum, and the surface of the drum is conical, which makes the conveyor belt deviate to the side with larger diameter;

Timely check the cleaner and clean the adhesion on the surface of the conveyor belt.

  • Incorrect position of blanking opening

The falling point of materials is not in the middle of the conveyor belt, and the distribution of materials on the belt is biased to one side;

Adjust the position of the material outlet baffle so that the material is in the middle of the conveyor belt

  • Improper belt tension

The tension of the conveyor belt is too large, and the belt jumps away from the idler and swings during operation; When the tension of the conveyor belt is too small, the friction is reduced, resulting in belt deviation;

Regularly check the belt tensioner to prevent possible error problems

  • Improper joint of conveyor belt

The two ends of the conveyor belt joint are uneven, and the uneven stress leads to the deviation of the belt; Adjust the conveyor belt interface

  • The conveyor belt has quality defects

The edge of the conveyor belt is seriously worn, used for a long time, deformed and the surface is not straight.

After the machine is used, it is necessary to set a time to check the use of the conveyor belt and other relevant facilities to avoid unnecessary errors.

Pay attention to the position of each part to ensure that the position of each part is correct. It is a good choice to replace the conveyor belt regularly.

When the conveyor belt runs goods of different weights for a long time, it will deform the conveyor belt.

Belt breakage

When the tension of the conveyor belt is too large, the belt will break, which is a common issue with conveyors. If you do not adjust the tension of the conveyor belt, there will be too many problems. There are also the following points about the broken belt:

  • The conveyor belt carries heavy goods;
  • Excessive wear and aging of conveyor belt;
  • Quality problem of conveyor belt joint;

In order to reduce the problem of belt breakage, it is necessary to check the conveyor belt regularly, especially the use of the conveyor belt.

Long term use of the conveyor belt will cause excessive wear.

The use time is too long and the aging problem is serious, resulting in fracture during operation. It is necessary to replace the conveyor belt as soon as possible.

Abnormal noise

The noise of belt conveyor during operation is generally caused by the problems of driving device, transmission drum, reversing drum and idler group, which is a common problem with belt conveyors.

When the two shafts of the coupling are not concentric, the coupling between the motor and the reducer will make a sound. In addition, the work of the idler is uneven, and the center of the bearing holes at both ends and the center of the outer circle are large during processing, resulting in abnormal noise of the conveyor.

In case of abnormal noise during the operation of the conveyor, the bearing shall be checked and replaced in time; When selecting machine accessories, timely check the quality of accessories to avoid unnecessary errors and reduce losses.

Other accidents

In addition to common problems with conveyors, the following problems will occur.

When the conveyor belt is overloaded or deviated, the conveyor belt will slip, but at this time, the friction and heat generation between the driving drum and the conveyor belt will occur for a long time, which is likely to lead to fire. Therefore, it is necessary to check the weight of the transported goods before operation.

There is a problem with the electrical control circuit. Keep the cable tray plate intact and clean to avoid the attachment of inflammables.

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