With the development of the global economy, the port transportation have increase year by year .In order to improve the port transportation, bulk ship unloader equipment become High efficiency and intelligence. The ship unloader equipped with dust removal system ,which an improve the unloader efficiency and effectively reduce the dust pollution.

This paper mainly introduces the relevant classification characteristics of ship unloaders and what aspects to choose the appropriate ship unloaders.

What is the ship unloading ?

Ship Unloding

The ship unloader is a head made of continuous conveying machinery to lift bulk materials. It is equipped with reclaiming and feeding devices, which can realize the automatic reclaiming function and continuously transport materials from the cabin to the designated position. The use of ship unloader can improve the efficiency of ship unloading and protect the environment.

What are the types of the ship unloaders?

Pneumatic Ship Unloader

The pneumatic ship unloader take the air as the medium .And the Vacuum pump will protect negative pressure ,which convert the mechanical energy to kinetic energy of air. Then it can make the material from the pipe to the another site, and finished the conveying work.

The  pneumatic ship unloader consist of suction nozzle, hydraulic suction arm, separator, vacuum pump, air compressor and so on.

Characteristics :

High reliability: The length of each hydraulic suction arm is moderate, according to the cabin conditions to drive the nozzle to a special position, complete the conveying operation;

Save energy: take the air as the medium

Screw ship unloader

Screw ship unloader is a continuous conveying equipment that Non-winding traction member .The screw ship unloder can conveying with horizontal or vertical.

The material will rotate with the spiral shaft, which will create friction with the groove and prevent the rotation of groove. And that will promoting the material forwards.


Protect environment: Screw ship unloader conveying the material under the Under closed conditions, which reduce the pollution of the environment.

High cost performance: The screw ship unloader have simple structure and low cost.

Chain bucket ship unloader

The Chain bucket ship unloader is mainly composed of chain bucket reclaiming and lifting structure, bucket elevator rotating mechanism, skeleton rotating mechanism, receiving mechanism, walking frame mechanism and belt conveyor system.

When the chain bucket ship unloader unloads the ship, the chain bucket will dig the materials from the cabin, then unload them into the receiving mechanism by lifting, then transfer them to the belt conveyor in the boom, and finally discharge them into the belt conveyor system.


High unloading efficiency: the reclaiming head of the chain bucket continuous ship unloader can be changed into different forms to meet different excavation requirements, which can maximize the materials at the hatch of the cabin. And there is less material left in the cabin, which greatly improves the unloading efficiency;

Environmental protection: the ship unloader discharges materials under closed conditions to avoid flying dust and impact on the environment

Energy saving: the mechanical and electrical energy loss of chain bucket ship unloader is relatively small. And the use frequency of its clearance machine is low, which with less fuel consumption, so as to save energy.

Bridge grab ship unloader

The bridge grab ship unloader is mainly composed of grab, lifting opening and closing mechanism, trolley running mechanism, material receiving and feeding system, boom pitching mechanism, etc.

Grab the materials in the cabin through the grab bucket, that transfer them to the top of the hopper by the trolley for unloading. And then transfer them to the cabin conveyor through the hopper to complete ship unloading.


Strong adaptability to materials: the capacity of the grab bucket of the bridge grab ship unloader is large, and the characteristics of the unloaded materials have little impact on the unloading efficiency;

Strong adaptability to wave force: the bridge grab ship unloader adopts steel wire rope transmission, which can play a good buffer role. And the ship body vibration caused by waves has no impact on ship unloading;

How to choose the appropriate ship unloading?

For the above introduction to the types of ship unloading , select the appropriate ship unloader according to the following points.

Energy consumption: under the same productivity, the chain bucket ship unloader will not have frequent braking, there is no empty grab consumption, and the energy consumption is lower;

Unloading efficiency: in contrast, the bridge belt grab ship unloading adopts intermittent unloading mode, and the unloading efficiency is low;

Environmental protection performance: the bridge grab ship unloader discharges materials in a semi closed environment. During the transportation of materials, there has been a problem of dust, which will cause certain pollution to the environment;

According to the relevant characteristics of ship unloader, it is particularly important to select the appropriate ship unloading . The appropriate ship unloader can not only improve the transportation efficiency, but also reduce the pollution to the environment.

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