Roller conveyor can form a complex logistics conveying system with other conveying equipment, which is widely used in industry. The roller conveyor has various structural forms, which is suitable for transporting flat goods. It not only has a large conveying capacity, but also can withstand the increased impact load, which greatly improves the productivity.

The following contents are the relevant introduction and opinions of 8 roller conveyor manufacturers.


roller conveyor

MAE SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, founded in 1995, mainly produces standardized conveyors (Mini Series), such as minix-2 belt conveyor, minix-3 belt conveyor, minix-5 belt conveyor, roller conveyor and mini splint model. The company’s technicians provide customers with one-stop service, and gradually popularize the automation system to improve production efficiency.

The company has been providing relevant equipment of material handling system for factory warehouse distribution, and constantly improving solutions to meet the needs of different industries. The company’s technicians will strictly control the quality of each product, install PLC and PC control system for testing, and control the delivery date to ensure customer satisfaction.

This company will strictly control the delivery time. If you need product solutions urgently, you can choose this company.


roller conveyor

NAR is one of the famous roller conveyor manufacturers in Thailand. With many years of manufacturing experience and technical services, NAR has won unanimous praise at home and abroad. The company’s main products include roller conveyor, telescopic belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, ship loader, weighing system, logistics conveying system and different kinds of conveying systems. The company has skilled technicians who will provide round the clock service to ensure the first time to respond to customer needs and provide customers with relevant product solutions at any time.

The company continues to innovate and develop, and will provide one-stop service from scheme design to customer delivery. The product is flexible and has good performance. The product can be customized according to customer needs.

This company’s products have a wide range of applications, flexibility and good performance, which are recommended.


roller conveyor

Haitan is one of the roller conveyor manufacturers in Thailand and an associate of mechanical system manufacturers. The company’s products include roller, roller motor, conveyor belt, sorter, crane and other equipment, which are widely used in food, textile industry, express, medicine and other related industries.

The company’s products are produced in accordance with ISO9001 and is committed to providing customers with high-quality products. In order to facilitate customers, the company will also provide customers with line maintenance and replacement services. The price of this company’s products is very expensive.

If you don’t consider the problem of capital, you can choose this company.


roller conveyor

This company mainly produces stainless steel roller conveyor belt, pulley, roller, rubber screw conveyor and other conveying products, which are widely used in coal mines, quarries, rocks, power plants, cement plants, steel plants, coal washing plants, salt plants, chemical fertilizer plants and other industries.

The company continues to innovate and develop and has passed ISO certification, aiming to produce products with low maintenance and long service life, which has been recognized by many industry customers. The company believes that while manufacturing products, it should pay more attention to environmental quality and pass environmental protection certification.

If you pay as much attention to environmental protection as this company, you can choose this company.


roller conveyor

Makitech is a roller conveyor belt manufacturer with many years of manufacturing experience and technology to provide products for many industries. This company mainly produces all kinds of roller conveyors, conveyor systems, logistics related products and other transportation related products.

The company continues to innovate and develop, focuses on product quality standards, and ensures to provide customers with highly innovative product solutions. Not only that, the company’s technicians will also conduct on-site investigation for customer needs and provide relevant suggestions for customers. In addition, the company attaches great importance to time, and they will deliver customers’ products on time.

The company will deliver products on time, but the after-sales service will have a very bad experience.

6.Nakanishi Metal Works co., ltd.(NKC)

roller conveyor

NKC is one of the manufacturers specializing in the production of roller conveyor in Thailand. Its main products include roller conveyor, trolley conveyor, friction conveyor, chain drive conveyor, stacker, etc. it is widely used in logistics transmission, port transportation, ore transmission and other industries. The company will conduct technical exchanges with other relevant industries, accumulate technology for a long time, constantly innovate products, and provide customers with one-stop product solutions.

The company implements modular structure to produce products, which greatly shortens the design time and saves valuable time for customers. Moreover, the company aims to diversify and produce multi-functional conveyors to meet the needs of many customers. It also provides maintenance services to customers.

The delivery time of this company is worth experiencing, but the product price is relatively expensive.


Bagfillingindia was founded in 1996, the company is a manufacturer of roller conveying system, mainly manufacturing machinery such as conveying unit of suppliers, roller conveyor, belt conveyor, truck loading conveyor, bucket elevator, roller filling, etc.

The company has skilled technicians who constantly understand the market demand and strive to provide customers with high-quality solutions to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

The company will refer to quality parameters to ensure product quality, use advanced technology and equipment, and continuously improve technology. The storage packaging will be carefully set during transportation to ensure that customers can receive satisfactory goods.

8.Vikas Pump

roller conveyor

The company mainly produces material conveying system, centrifugal pump and ultrafiltration system, with a wide range of products, which can meet the needs of customers in many industries.

The company has advanced manufacturing technology and provides original components, and completes product quality testing before customers receive products to ensure customer satisfaction. The company will provide round the clock support. The company’s technicians provide customers with highly innovative solutions.

The company’s products are mainly suitable for sewage treatment. If you are in other industries, this company is not suitable for you.

Through the introduction of the roller conveyor manufacturer, I hope it can be helpful for you in choosing the conveyor.

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