Telescopic roller conveyor system is widely used in many industries because of its flexibility and durability. It can transport different goods quickly and efficiently. In the complex transportation environment, the roller conveyor line can adapt to any line with corners.

The conveying system can be designed according to the characteristics of the transported materials to meet all transportation requirements. What else you need to know about the roller conveyor system.

1.You need to know the basic content of roller conveyor line

The telescopic roller conveying line can flexibly change the direction according to the material characteristics, expand or retract to locate the material direction to form a straight line or bending route. Equipped with electric roller or micro motor drive, caster device and lifting device, it is convenient for the roller conveyor line to move and improve its production efficiency.

The roller conveying system is very flexible, up to 180 degrees of deformation. Different materials can be selected according to the characteristics of the transported materials, so as to enhance the cargo load of the conveyor and improve the service life of the conveyor. It is very suitable for corners during bulk material handling.

The roller conveying system is composed of several units, and each unit can be used alone or connected together.

2.Product specification

Model FRC-600
Retracted length 2000mm
Extension length 5000mm
Height 750mm-1100mm
Roller width 610mm
Total width of the machine 800mm
Conveying direction forward and reverse
Load max. 60kg / M
Speed 0-36 M / min
Motor power 120W
Approximate weight 100kg

3.Product classification:

According to the requirements of different materials, the roller can be driven by single chain or double chain. The telescopic roller conveyor line can be divided into the following three types, which can be selected according to individual needs.

a.Telescopic gravity roller conveyor

gravity roller conveyor

The roller material of telescopic roller conveyor can be galvanized steel or PVC, and generally more durable steel roller will be used. Gravity roller conveyor uses gravity to transport goods without additional power.

The speed is difficult to control, but it can carry large impact load. Due to the heavy weight of the conveyor machine, it is not suitable for occasions requiring frequent movement or disassembly.

b.Telescopic gravity pulley conveyor

gravity pulley conveyor

Compared with roller conveyor, gravity telescopic pulley conveyor is designed to install pulley on the shaft, which makes it more convenient to be used in many large and medium-sized conveying systems.

It can easily adjust the height of the fuselage without the support of electricity and move to the required position easily depending on the role of wheels. If you want to improve productivity or reduce labor, you can combine this conveyor with other types of machines.

c.Telescopic power roller conveyor

power roller conveyor

The driving device uses the friction between the conveyor surface and materials to promote the rotation of the roller and realize the transmission of materials. It can control the transmission speed. It is suitable for the transmission of regular articles or adding pallets to the bottom of bulk materials.

Due to the flexibility of the conveyor, it can be applied to horizontal or inclined conveying routes. The power roller conveying line can be linked with other equipment to form a logistics conveying system to realize stacking conveying.

4.Characteristics of roller conveyor line

  • The conveying system is flexible and applicable. The height of the drum conveying system can be adjusted according to the demand, and it can also be adjusted into inclined conveying.
  • The conveyor can be scaled together after use, which saves space.
  • Caster setting, easy to use and labor-saving.
  • The direction of the telescopic drum conveyor line is stable, and the transported materials will move in the direction of the conveyor belt.
  • The length, width and height of the roller conveying system can be customized according to customer needs.

5.Application scope:

Due to its flexible telescopic performance and greatly improving productivity, roller conveyor is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, food processing and transportation, port, truck and other industries.

6.How to clean the roller:

When using the roller conveying system, the product transportation of different industries will affect the roller. For example, the acid substances in the food and fruit industry will corrode the roller. The roller needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to improve the service life of the conveying system. Cleaning methods can be divided into manual cleaning and machine cleaning.

Manual cleaning: when manually cleaning the roller, the cleaner needs to select an appropriate cleaning brush and select an appropriate cleaning product without damaging the material.

Robot cleaning: according to the operation mode of the machine, it has strong adaptability and can be used in different conveying systems.

You can choose the cleaning method suitable for your own machine according to your own needs.

The use of roller conveyor line has brought great benefits to all factories, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the labor risk.

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