For the loading and unloading of bulk cargo materials in the port, the use of mobile ship loader can improve the transportation efficiency, reduce the labor risk and bring great convenience to the port transportation.

1.What is a mobile ship loader?

Mobile ship loading equipment can also be called mobile barge loader. It not only reaches the performance level of fixed ship equipment, but also has complete flexibility. It is widely used in various applications. Machinery and equipment can effectively and continuously load and unload bulk materials of trucks or ships directly at the port. The ship loader conveyor can transport various dry bulk materials flexibly, and design the machine matching with the ship according to the type of ship.

The port equipment is very flexible when loading and unloading bulk materials. It does not need other special equipment. It can adjust the target direction at any time to improve the loading efficiency.

The mobile ship loader can use telescopic auger or telescopic roller. The telescopic spreader is used for large high flow loading and unloading ships, which can greatly improve the production efficiency, improve the stability of ships and reduce the risk of maritime transportation. The length can reach more than ten meters and can reach the cabin directly.

2.What are the features of the ship loading equipment?

  • The maximum loading speed can reach 2000 tons / hour, continuously loading materials and improving production efficiency
  • The ship loading equipment does not need other fixed equipment and can operate independently, reducing investment cost and faster delivery time
  • The machine can be equipped with dust removal and suppression equipment to reduce dust particles in the air and protect the environment
  • Mobile shipping has good mobility, which is convenient to move to different positions and different machines to realize bulk material loading and unloading
  • The ship loader can not only load and unload dry bulk materials, but also stack them
  • The machine has the advantages of convenient movement and small floor area, and can make full use of the port space
  • The operation of the machine is relatively simple. It can be operated by remote control and can be completed by one person
  • The machine is powered by electricity. When the machine is fed, you can select a generator or connect it directly to the wire to obtain the power supply.
  • The shipping loader can be crawler or wheel mounted

3.What are the classification of the mobile ship loaders?

Shipping loader can be divided into the following types according to their performance, and appropriate ship loaders can be selected according to their own needs:

  • Fixed turntable bulk carrier

The bottom of the ship loader is fixed on the pier base, and the telescopic chute can freely change the required position of materials.

  • Mobile ship loader

The mobile ship loader is to install the fixed ship loader on the operating gantry to ensure that the loader can move freely, adapt to more ships and improve loading efficiency.

  • Fixed point arc track bulk carrier

The arc ship loader moves along the arc track, and specific parameters are required to ensure that the mobile bulk material loader will not deviate from the moving track. The ground belt conveyor sends bulk materials to the tail of the belt conveyor inside the ship loader, to the head chute through the internal belt conveyor, and to the bulk cargo ship cabin through the telescopic chute.

  • Linear swing bulk carrier

The linear passive ship loader changes the track of the arc ship loader into a linear track, which can move in a straight line along the direction of the port. By contrast, it is the lightest.

4.The application of mobile bulk material loader

It is widely used in other industries such as grain, feed, chemical fertilizer, minerals and ores. It is suitable for loading and unloading ships in ports of different sizes. It can transport materials with different densities, including dry bulk materials such as sand, fertilizer, grain, ore and coal.

5.How to maintain and improve the service life of the machine?

Before and after the operation of the mobile bulk material loader, it is necessary to regularly detect the use of the basic components of the ship loader, so as to improve the service life of the machine. Maintenance can be carried out according to the following points:

  •  Regularly clean up the missing materials during transportation and check whether there is blockage
  •  Check the generator regularly and cover the generator on all machines with rain cover
  • Check the hydraulic oil quantity of the pusher every week, and supplement if the quantity is small; It is necessary to check whether the pushing gasoline leaks and the brake pad is worn every day, and replace it according to the situation
  • Check the steel wire rope and apply lubricating oil once a month
  •  The reducer needs to be injected with lubricating oil and can be officially used only after idling for 2 hours. The oil temperature during operation needs to be controlled

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